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Thursday, 12 February 2009 15:54

It seems like anyone with a website wants to get to the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo! and MSN, without paying for the privilege. And why not? Being at the top of natural search engine listings has many obvious benefits.

If you're looking for an easy way to do it though, forget it. The truth is there's no magic secret and no overnight solution. For free search engine optimization success it takes a bit of clever writing, a pinch of technical work and lot of patience.  

Below are SEO hints which helped my website - Sona Web - climb the search listings ladder and I didn't pay a penny. Within two weeks of setting up my website I was appearing within the first couple of pages for popular search terms.

These SEO tips can be applied to any website you can apply to your website to try raise your search engine ranking.  

SEO tip 1/ Ensure your copy is keyword-rich 

You’ve probably heard that 'Content is King'. If you don’t have anything of interest people won't look at it. Make your content is as distinctive as possible, and litter it with popular keywords that reflect your website and which people will search for. 

SEO tip 2/ Go easy on Flash and Javascript 

Search engines, like Google, are not so good at reading Flash and Javascript as they are HTML. Content management-based websites are often set up to be search engine friendly (SEF) so can be a better solution. 

SEO tip 3/ Submit to search engines 

Some people recommend submitting your website, and new pages on your website, to search engines once a month. However, I don't think this makes much difference, once you're listed on, say Google, that's pretty much it, you just need to start climbing! 

SEO tip 4/ Don't forget meta data and page titles  

Meta keywords, descriptions and unique page title, specific to each of your webpages, can help boost traffic. 

SEO tip 5/ Who wants to see your website and why? 

Link building is an important part of SEO, but it's difficult to get reputable sites to add links to your humble website, but you can think around this – try directories, free classifieds or commenting on other blogs, for instance.

SEO tip 6/ Talk to experts 

As the tips show you don't always have to pay search engines or companies offering quick fixes to boost traffic. Long-term strategies are free and work. If you still need SEO ideas or want the professionals to do it for you then email Sona Web and we'll be happy to help.

Add you SEO tips and hints below

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Justin Brooke  - Tips     | |2009-02-27 11:53:22
Thanks for sharing these hints. Search engine optimization should be done well,
and this can be done with the help of a third party.
Roman S Panesar  - A Guide To Protecting Ideas!     | |2009-04-06 12:50:27
Ideas are pretty hard to protect, as they are usually stored between a set
of ears and kept there until that Eureka moment where you wish
to profit from them! In that case you need to decide which category
they fall into:

1. Patent - for an invention
2. Trademark - for a logo
design or unique identity
3. Copyright - for written text and
artistic work
4. Designs for product appearance.

Now, once you have
decided which category it fits into, you need to check to see
if anyone has it! The UK Intellectual Property has a database where
you can search for trademarks, designs and patents, it can also be accessed
from the Business Link website, which has a very
handy checker 

Obviously copyright is your own work so you can't check for that!
But for the others, you can apply...
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