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Friday, 20 February 2009 11:05

Here's a simple formula any good website copywriter should know - SEO+Copywriting=Results.

It's easy to think of search engine optimization and copywriting as two different things. The truth is though, good SEO needs good copywriting and good copywriting means good SEO - the two skills are very much intertwined.

If you come across an SEO expert who doesn't know how to write for the web, then your website doesn't stand much of a chance of climbing search rankings naturally. And if you're looking for a great website copywriter who doesn't know the first thing about SEO, then good luck as users won't be able to find your content.

When it comes to SEO, your expert needs to understand that the way he/she writes keywords or phrases in copy, meta tags or even on something like Google Adwords, has a huge impact on whether people will visit your site. There needs to be an understanding around the subject of your website which will, hopefully, attract new people and retain them.

Similarly, a good copywriter will understand what your website is about and aim to target people using keywords and descriptions identified as being important to the people you're trying to communicate with. Copywriting Blog recommends subtle use of keywords and your copywriter should understand why.

The two skills combined can be a powerful tool. When you're looking for your next SEO or copywriting expert for your project, throw in the curve ball and ask them about SEO and copywriting techniques, that way you'll be able to sort the good from the great.

A few basics on web copywriting:

1/ Research, research, research!
You must know what your subject is about, who the competition is and what you're aiming to do. In order to do this put in the time to do some effective research, you'll be glad you did as it will make writing easier and your article will be more informative

2/ Keywords
Use free tools, like Google's, to find out what people search for around the subject you're writing about

3/ Length and tone
It's important not to be too 'wordy' and also to have a consistent tone throughout

4/ Read and revise
If you're a perfectionist, or even if you're just proud of what you do you want your work to look at its best. It's easy to miss a spelling mistake or not write something how you want. Go back, read over and revise it, if necessary

Share your tips and hints for SEO copywriting below

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Chaunna Brooke  - Good equation!     | |2009-02-24 02:25:33
SEo + copywriting = RESULTS! This is very true. I've been implementing this
equation and it truly works for me. More than just giving my site the visibility
it needs in the SERPs, it also increases my site's traffic
Ramesh  - seo-websolutions     | |2009-10-06 10:32:33
It is search engine optimization copywriting, that the method tends to maintain
its rankings as the engines tweak and change their algorithms, whereas other
methods produce less stable rankings. This can't be true. If 2 pages are in the
top 10 search results one getting there by the SEO copywriting method and the
other by different search engine optimization techniques, they are both there
because they match the engine's criteria quite well. When the criteria is
changed, the match that each of them had is necessarily changed. The matches
could become closer to, or further from, the engine's criteria. Whether each
page goes up or down in the results depends on what changes have been made to
the engine's criteria. It is a matter of chance, and not a matter of whether SEO
copywriting was used or not.
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