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Wednesday, 25 March 2009 19:05

I recently completed a really great copywriting project. I was asked to go visit what's reported to be the oldest pub in Britain, The Bingley Arms in north Leeds and I was blown away.

I've never heard of the place before, never really ventured out to that part of Leeds, but I'm pretty sure I'll be going back.

Set in beautiful Bardsey, The Bingley Arms pub is hidden away from the main road that passes through. If you haven't been to Bardsey/Scarcroft before, think uber-posh. Think local celebrities. Think footballers. I was told a former footballer from Leeds United used to live opposite the pub itself and visited it many times with colleagues (who shall all remain nameless!)

When I went to have a look around and to meet the very hospitable landlords, I felt I was in a really peaceful place, a place you could easily spend a few hours with a pint in your hand. The place has some wonderful aura surrounding it, which I put down to the 1000+ years of history.

Just looking round and hearing stories of priests hiding in chimneys and ghosts being spotted around the place is enough to make your hair stand on end. I think it'd be a great place to do a Most Haunted programme from...Living TV, if you're listening, get down there quick!

It was a real pleasure to do the project, I felt inspired by the place - how could you not? Take a look at the end results of The Bingley Arms' brand-spanking new website here.

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Peter Wise     | |2009-04-01 12:41:59
Writing copy about Spanish wines and being part paid in wine was pretty

Also, like you I do SEO copywriting - and it's especially
satisfying when you see webpages you've optimised up near the top of the results
for the relevant keywords.
Rab - Sona Web     | |2009-04-05 16:50:17
Paid in Wine? Now that is a good deal Peter.

Great website by the way
Nikki May  - Copywriting Services     | |2010-09-27 04:20:48
I spent a year on nothern Leeds not too long ago, and I have been to the Bingley
Arms pub. Very charming pub.

Very peaceful surroundings.
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