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Thursday, 16 July 2009 13:33

Our homage to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson (and the Jackson 5) applied to Pay Per Click advertising...but after spending a day with PPC experts Home James in Leeds, Sona Web has learnt that PPC isn't as easy as 1,2,3 - and don't let anyone tell you it is.

Michael Jackson from Thriller albumWe also learnt you should never be fooled by any company that cold calls you and tells you they can 'get you on the first page of Google', because unless they use an out-dated model of throwing lots of your hard-earned money at specific keywords, the chances are you're not going to be appearing on that elusive first page for very long at all. And most of your money is going to end up in the rogue companies' hands.

The real PPC experts take days just to set-up an account. It involves intensive research, analysis and bucket loads of skill. A set-up of an account shouldn't take five minutes before a lunch break. It needs a PPC expert to go through keywords over and over, eventually filtering out the negative keywords (which can still be positive for your campaign) until you have a list of cast-iron certainties that will get search engine traffic coming your way.

We've been taught by the best and with our newly-acquired PPC expertise, Sona Web will shortly be offering Pay Per Click account management to clients in Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield and beyond.

To enquire about our PPC services or to register an interest early for a very special deal contact us today

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jimmy the baron   | |2009-08-05 10:10:12
Totally disagree

I've worked with SEO experts that don't take days to simply
set an account up for you. That's simply the justification of an agency that
wants to charge you for their 'research' and 'time', otherwise they make no
money. I bet they can also 'manage' your campiagns too. IE: log in once a day
and check you've not spent your budget.

Most peole know their markets and
therefore know their key phrases.

I'd set it up immediately, then amend the
campaign each week to suit the activity. If your phrase gets little impressions,
it's fairly self explanatory that it's not going to get you lots of enquiries.
vikram  - PPC Service     | |2009-10-04 09:31:48
it is good to start ppc for only product or service based site but its a
temporary traffic it better to concentrate on organic traffic.
wen site redesign company     | |2010-03-02 04:45:29
Great information
but i am agree with vikram traffic it better to concentrate
on organic traffic.
meditation music  - Still around?     | |2010-04-29 00:05:41
Could you tell me if this service is still available?
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