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I read with interest this article on the BBC News Website about Middlesbrough's England Under-21 defender Andrew Taylor who has decided to venture away from the grass and into new media with an innovative new website which aims to help his fellow professionals find trustworthy services.

There is a running joke that professional footballers are brainless people, paid handsomely just to kick a ball around, but Taylor has shown he has a business brain and an eye for new media niches.

The website he has setup, out of his own wages - Platinum Players - aims to stop professional footballers being ripped off every time they decide to splash out on luxury cars, hotels and jewelery.

Robinho - image courtesy of robinhoofficial.comAlthough there's not much to see on the website's homepage, the plan is to get his peers to sign in securely to the site and then browse around for services.

Taylor will generate his cash through advertisement, and that's where he could be in line for a big windfall. Which big brand wouldn't want direct access to a professional footballer and his thousands of pounds in weekly wages? Taylor could charge a premium for the best and biggest brands who, quite rightly, should be falling over themselves to sign up.

Let's see which footballers Mercedes-Benz or Ferrari could be a targeting on the website:

Robinho, Manchester City, weekly wage estimated at £160,000 per week

Frank Lampard, Chelsea, weekly wage estimated at £140,000 per week

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool, weekly wage estimated at £120,000 per week

And that's just a few of the really big earners. Even professionals in the lower leagues of English football will be paid around £1,000 per week, so the website is an interesting concept. It shows that footballers are keen users of the internet (why wouldn't they with so much spare time on their hands?) and, perhaps, we need to give them more credit than just being drones who kick a ball around a field.

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