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How do you solve a problem like spam? PDF Print E-mail

Over the past few months Sona Web's blog has been inundated with spam from posters from across the world, so how do you solve a problem like spam?

When the blog was set up on this website it was decided an important element was to have a comment function for people to share their views. To counter any comments from unwanted posters or spiders, which crawl websites spreading malicious links, a Captcha box was added so a human would have to physically enter a code before a post was made. Problem solved. Job done. A nice clean site with no spam. Or so we thought...

After looking at our logs, it seems Sona Web is particularly popular with people in Russia, India and China. But the people posting aren't interested in anything we've got to say in our blogs, instead they're hawking 'Gucci' handbags, 'Rolex' watches and wedding attire. Quite why the good users of Sona Web would want such things remains a mystery.

What it has meant is that every couple of days a mass deletion of around 20 posts talking rubbish and including links to sites you'd dare not click on has been happening - for anybody who has come across these links, apologies for not deleting them sooner.

So, if Captcha isn't working because somebody is manually inserting spam, what else can web do? Well aside from turning off the comment function completely, we decided the best thing to do would be to put all comments in post-moderation.

Post-moderation means a user enters a comment, presses submit and then the comment is queued for a website moderator to publish or delete. It means there will be less spam on the site and we can continue blocking rogue IP addresses.

There, I'd like to see a Gucci hangbag comment on this blog post...


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Photo recovery  - Agree with your post     | |2010-08-30 15:02:03
I completely agree with your post. Captcha is best way to stop

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