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We've had experience of working on some really big new media projects over the last few years. Projects which have not just had a few hundred visitors, or even thousands, but millions.

As a trained journalist, Sona Web's director honed his web writing skills on the BBC's local website for Bradford and West Yorkshire. He wrote hundreds of articles and features, interviewed some of the top local sporting and musical stars and processed hours of audio and video.

His web design skills were used on the BBC Radio Leeds and BBC Look North brochure sites prior to their complete re-design a few years ago.

If you ever glanced at the BBC England webpage in the last few years, and millions have, the chances are you would have seen his web design and writing skills in action.

In addition to writing and design, he helped train new BBC web journalists, from BBC Local, in complex web systems, image manipulation and writing for the web.

He also led the local part of major multi-platform projects for the BBC such as How We Built Britain, Junior Football and Children in Need, all of which reached a huge number of web users.

More recently, he helped start up the ITV Local Yorkshire website, a video website for the region, and within months the website attracted over 100,000 unique users. One of his key contributions to ITV Local was to write a detailed styleguide for all the web producers to use. And, of course, he created this website.

Sona Web's online experience and skills are now helping businesses across West Yorkshire. We've shown a flexible and dynamic approach to our projects and have completed work for clients including large drainage companies, local pubs and charities. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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